Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our July 31st, 2012 Prayer Letter

July 31, 2012

Dear Friend,

        We hope this letter finds you staying cool and doing well in the Lord. For us, July has been a pretty typical month - which pretty much means anything but normal. Some activities, such as Duaine’s senior photos and his week at God’s Mountain, were scheduled events and enjoyable. Other activities were not scheduled and proved to be a bit testing.
Jossi and Lisa share a Frosty at the Wendy’s in Salina.

Duaine took a moment to pose with Kent before his week at God’s Mountain.

        Starting early in the month, a not so young Lisa took Jossalin to the pool. During a maneuver to keep Jossalin from going underwater too deep for her, Lisa managed to give herself some aches and pains.  A trip to the doctor resulted in a CAT scan and lab work to rule a number of things out. The initial diagnosis was a probable injury to her ribs and connective cartilage.  A few days later, she had a dizzy spell accompanied by a very high blood pressure reading. After a battery of tests at the hospital, we found out a few more things she didn’t have (stroke, heart attack), but no solid reason for the “episode” other than a possible reaction to the pain medication she took for the rib injury.

        After settling back down with the intent to ride out the rib injury with ibuprofen, we received a call that the chest x-ray they took during the “episode” showed a spot on her left lung. Yesterday, a follow up CAT Scan was done and a little after 5:00 p.m., the nurse called to tell us the spot on the x-ray wound up being nothing to worry about. Needless to say, as parents of a three year old, we are both grateful and thankful to the Lord for having the clear results.

        We share all this to illicit much needed prayer support! At 47 and 46 (Lisa had a birthday on July 17th), being the proud parents of a 17 year old who is embarking on his senior year sounds about right. Being the parents of a three year-old is another story. Our health and stamina are not always going to match our desire to keep up with the little one. We are excited though to find ourselves with new opportunities to encourage other parents of youngsters. We know God is going to open up whole new avenues of ministry for us as Jossalin gets older.

        In a few hours, I (Kent) will be heading off to Topeka to minister at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex. Lisa will have a Mom day that involves taking Jossalin to gymnastics and Duaine to his sports physical for the new school year. Duaine will be preparing for his meeting on Wednesday with his Air Force recruiter (a monthly event for him now). On Saturday, I will take Duaine out for his two weeks at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Romy Rohovit, who helps out with the TFC Rallies, will be going as well. They will get back in time for the August TFC Rally and the beginning of their senior year.

        We want to thank you for your prayers and for your support of our work with Teens For Christ. It is nice to know that people are praying for us and cheering us on as we seek to impact teenagers and families for Jesus Christ. Please pray for the funds to cover all of Lisa’s recent medical tests and praise Him with us that things all came back clear! Thank you once again for reading this and may you have a blessed August! Take care and God Bless!

Yours For Youth!
Kent & Lisa Otott
Micah 6:8